What Is Employment Equity?

  • The Employment Equity Act is designed to ensure that all Canadians have fair access to employment markets. It requires that employers:

    • Measure participation in their workforce of four designated groups that are perceived to be under represented;
    • Compare their results to the availability statistics for those four groups across all employment levels;
    • Adopt employment practices that proactively recruit members of those designated groups;
    • Ensure that all barriers to employment for those designated groups are eliminated, and;
    • Offer equitable growth opportunities to members of those groups.

The Employment Act Applies To:

  • LEEP (Legislated Employment Equity Program)

    • All federally regulated private sector employers
    • Federal organizations with 100 employees or more
    • Portions of the federal public administration
    • Canadian Forces and RCMP


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  • FCP (Federal Contractors Program)

    • Provincially regulated employers who:
      • Employ more than 100 employees
      • Are providing goods and services to the Government of Canada on contracts exceeding $1 million per year


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Employment Equity Plan

  • An Employment Equity Plan

    An Employment Equity Plan identifies the policies and practices an employer intends to implement to ensure full representation of all four designated groups. The plan must specify measures and short term goals (up to three years) to correct any under-representation of the designated groups

  • Designated Groups Are:

    • Women;
    • Aboriginal Peoples;
    • Persons with disabilities; and
    • Members of Visible Minorities