What Is The Federal Contractors Program?

Applies to Provincially Regulated Employers

Provincially regulated employers who:

  • Employ more than 100 employees
  • Are providing goods and services to the Government of Canada on contracts exceeding $1 Million per year.

FCP Requirements

FCP employers are required to:

  • Conduct a survey and encourage employees to self identify with the four designated groups
  • Perform a workforce analysis (WFA) to compare their results to labour market availability by occupational groups
  • Develop both short term and long term goals to bridge any gaps that are identified in the workforce analysis

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance is monitored under the following schedule:

  1. One year after award of the initial Federal contract, employers are required to submit the following:
    • Self-identification questionnaire used to survey employees;
    • Workforce analysis for current employees to provide a snapshot of their employee base and identify any gaps in representation;
    • Goals for bridging identified gaps in representation based upon a three year timeline.
  1. Four years after award of the initial Federal contract, employers are required to submit the following:
    • An updated workforce analysis (WFA)
      • The updated WFA reports on the actual employee snapshot by the designated groups as well as the results of new hires, promotions and terminations to provide a picture on progress being made to close any gaps
    • Updated short and long term goals
    • Completion of a summary Achievement Table
  1. Every three years shall repeat the above referenced steps

Each Compliance audit will review the progress against objectives. If the employer has not met it’s goals within a minimum of 80% achieved, the audit will assess the effort and methods that the employer has utilized to close the gaps in representation. The employer must show that they made a reasonable effort to achieve their goals. The auditor will then determine whether or not those reasonable efforts have met the standard to deem the employer to be in compliance.

Employers found to be non-compliant shall be subject to sanctions.