Job Evaluation

  • Job evaluation is a process that allows a consistent and fair comparison of jobs that have unlike duties. It is a foundation of job evaluation for salary administration practice and Pay Equity.

    The most common approach for the purposes of Pay Equity is a point factor system. HRWise employs a proprietary point factor system that we have developed over the past 25 years.

The HRWise Job Comparison Tool contains the four major factors of Skill, Effort, Working Conditions and Responsibilities which are required under Pay Equity. Within those four factors, we can configure a baseline set of 12 subfactors and a range of customizable factors which best meet the needs of a specific client.

By applying the logic of the Job Comparison system against all jobs, you can determine point values for every job within an employer. The values obtained represent a continuum of jobs that increase in total value based upon their relative complexity across the Factors.

  • These values form the basis of the grouping of jobs for the purpose of analysis and the determination of relative compensation value.

    The HRWise Job Comparison System is a combination of an established gender neutral comparison system and Job Profile process that allows us to describe jobs in a common language and organized by topics that can be evaluated in a fair and equitable manner.

    The HRWise Job Comparison System and process provides our clients with a means to develop pay hierarchies that are both internally equitable as well as externally competitive.